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Complaints against this school filed with Better Business Bereau , Federal Trade Commission, Wisconsn Educational Approval Board and others. It's a one man show being a for-profit business college.

Very misleading advertisements about his school. Outdated equipment that is not good for trying to train people. He lures a person in with his big sales pitch............but then when he has your money after a few weeks you realize you bought a defective education. Go to a non-profit school for better recognized degree.

from better college. UWM. There have been numerous other complaints from students. !

complaint even got posted to the WASHINGTON POST . I foy usearch on search engine with key words you'll see it come up. Joe Deschler is the owner and director.

He has dropped his costs down from $7,000 to $5,000 for the program being he is realizing people don't want to go to his chool and are not satisfied with what he is offering people. It's too bad more people don't take time to warn others and submit information to others

Product or Service Mentioned: Radio1 Broadcast School Classes.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $7000.

I didn't like: Faulty equipment used for teaching, Worn down and filthy equipment no time spent with students.

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Radio1 Broadcast School in Middleton, Wisconsin - I guess for profit colleges do say something ?


I will just say that some schools are called private for profit. I think that states enough.

I inquired with someone when i read a review about the school and Wisconsin Board of Education being involved. I guess he was right being the school is not looked highly upon by the State of Wisconsin Educational Board. After contacting a few people that were past students i did get an earful of sarcasm and "pissed off consumers" or students. After my research i can see where former students had right to be pissed off.

I hate schools that are for-profit and just worry about the money in their bank ! The poor education system in US already with schools like this just preying on people who are naive.

Reason of review: Bad quality.



Joe Deschler , owner , is out for profit with no regards for education just making money !

Green Bay, Wisconsin, United States #1276520

If you want more feedback and reference from former students go to my video on YouTube if you type in words Radio1 Broadcast fraud rip off and a pic of "on air" will show on video. I was one of the 1st ones to start "rocking the boat" with that school after my attendance there in 2013 and then since have filed complaints everywhere along with reviews. I will not stand for people getting ripped off !!

Radio1 Broadcast School failed to provide stated training it guaranteed students


As a professional in sales and human services counseling/therapy I will make these statements not in revenge or hatred but as a concern for future customers in regards to financial costs and educational benefits. My evaluation of the Radio1 Broadcast School program in comparison to other broadcast schools overall with costs and educational benefits was D- and borderline failure.

For what the course delivers in educational material, training, curriculum, instructors assistance in relation to the 7 week program cost a lot of negative laymens terms could be used that would be offensive to some so i will just say it is a failure. A lot of false statements made Radio1, and the Wisconsin Educational Approval Board having complaints filed and under inquiry as of current 2013. Do research before enrolling into private small schools like this. Ask to see a record of what former students are doing now.

Retention rate ? Percentile of graduation and have obtained job in field ? Check the curriculum school is using, the equipment being for training, appearance of school, an actual employers opinion in the market ? Remember the term "For Profit" school.

They want and need to profit so they need to make a good sell to you and get you to buy their product.

Look up definition of words fraud. A one man operation that gets young kids sold on idea of becoming cool and rockin' !

Monetary Loss: $7000.

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